Stetson Hot Sale American Heritage Trucker Cap

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Stetson Hot Sale American Heritage Trucker Cap
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Truckers throughout the 20th-century wore caps branded with their company’s logo — by the ‘70s, they had evolved into the hat we know and appreciate today. Practical, proud, and pure Americana, the trucker hat is a true classic. Like the baseball cap, it has a gently curved bill and six panels topped off with a button; unlike the baseball cap, trucker hats have mesh backs for improved breathability. Paired with a cotton front, it’ll keep you cool — even under a high-noon sun. Impeccably crafted and work-ready, the adjustable back fits all sizes. Pull one on for your next fishing trip, walk around town, or pick-up game for a little protection from the elements and a whole lot of character.

  • 100% Cotton Shell
  • 100% Polyester Mesh Back
  • Length of Visor: 2.36”
  • Height of Crown: 3.93”
  • Imported