Stetson Hot Sale Windygates Ivy Cap

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Stetson Hot Sale Windygates Ivy Cap
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This classic has a distinct look that never fails to set it apart. The design originally dates back to 14th-century England, where it was popularized by laborers. When workers began immigrating to the U.S.A. they brought their hats with them — the cap retains its European style to this day. The rounded silhouette, low profile, and stiff sewn-down brim are all distinctive features of the Ivy Cap. Constructed from a rich, textured cotton and acrylic blend, it’s the ideal choice for crisp days or chilly nights. Timeless, understated, and defined by a sense of bold simplicity, this is a hat where comfort and elegance meet in perfect harmony.

  • Cotton, Acrylic
  • Fleece Liner
  • Sewn-Down Brim
  • Imported